How we Learn

Learning at The High School is designed to develop learners into independent, internally driven learners and empathic thought-leaders.

Although we believe our unique selling proposition is the extra value we will be bringing to our learners, beyond the traditional academic offering, it is important to ensure that we offer all the required subjects to enable students to choose their desired course of study or future career path.

What will set us apart, is the fact that we will be delaying the final matric subject choice until the start of grade 11. Because few of us really know what we want to dedicate our lives to doing (choosing a career path) at the age of 15.

We follow the IEB curriculum with some key differences that we’ve implemented, including supplementing with extra subjects and working with partners in our community to create learning through internships. 

Subject offerings
for grades 8, 9 & 10

  English Home Language AND

  Sepedi First Additional Language OR

  Afrikaans First Additional Language AND

  Maths AND 

  Life Orientation

  Social Studies

  Business Studies

  Natural Sciences

  Visual Arts

Subject offerings
for grades 11 & 12

• English Home Language AND

• Sepedi First Additional Language OR

• Afrikaans First Additional Language AND

• Maths OR Mathematical Literacy AND


• History

• Geography

• Physical Science

• Biology

• Business Studies

• Visual Arts

Subject groupings, or streams, from grade 11 will be based on the learners’ preferences. Learners interested in extra subjects not listed above, will be able to pursue these with the Brainline Online School with the support and tutoring of our teaching staff (at own cost).

Deepened learning takes place during module periods (longer periods at the start of each day), affording the learners continuity and much-needed time to immerse themselves in the subject/theme presented. Teachers will be able, for example, to take the learners on outings, get speakers, or professionals in their field of expertise, etc.
The High School will continuously endeavour to

• challenge learners to exercise their growing capacity and sense of agency by leading and engaging in projects that have authentic value in the world. They will be supported by their teachers, a community of expert learning partners, dedicated time, access to relevant resources and a spaced and distinctly designed curriculum.

• foster strong links between education, training and work, to strengthen pathways into work or further study for individual students. No module will be taught in isolation and contextualisation will always be provided so that learning is not done in a vacuum. 

• create socially responsible learners by including outreach work into the curriculum and embracing the key skills students will learn when participating in philanthropy. 

• engage students in authentic, real world learning experiences beyond the classroom with opportunities for students to become leaders and active participants in effecting change. This will mean expanding networks and partnerships.

• be creative leaders in learning, provide opportunities for experiential learning with learner-led initiatives.

• engage learners in exercises that strengthen their voice, choice and creative confidence and their ability to identify and solve authentic problems. 

• weave entrepreneurship into the learner experience in collaboration with external partners. Entrepreneurs will develop critical attributes that will distinguish our learners in their secondary and post-secondary learning and throughout their lives, whatever path they choose. 

• provide offsite learning with an extensive network of external learning partners which further enriches the learning experience. 

ensure that 25% of the internships provided will create a real sustainable difference and impact in the communities and organisations in which the learners will volunteer. This social responsibility will be covered in our Life Orientation curriculum.

Rosemary Hill Farm, our school’s idyllic location in the east of Pretoria, presents a whole different array of opportunities and activities available to our learners. The farm, as a top-rated leisure destination and event venue, lends itself to training/internships in tourism and all aspects of the hospitality industry. As a working bio-dynamic farm, learners are able to learn more about sustainable farming practices. And, to top it all off, the farm boasts 40km of immaculately maintained hiking and mountain biking trails, beautiful stables and a peaceful respite from city life.

Not just an ideal, but a well thought through high school education solution for tomorrow’s generation of young adults.

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After School
Immersing oneself into cultural activities is a meaningful way of preserving or strengthening a community's sense of place, forging a personal identity and expressing creativity. It also presents learners with multiple opportunities for learning, entertainment, leisure, personal growth and improving communication with others.

• Activities available on Rosemary Hill Farm at an extra cost: dance (ballet, modern, tap, hip-hop), music lessons (piano, guitar, violin).

• Competing extra-curricular activities in 2023: public speaking.

• Non-competing extra-murals: drama, debate, out-door club.

• Spaces are available to learners after school allowing them to use free time to create and explore, for example, art or coding.

Not only does sports and physical exercise improve health and well-being, but studies have suggested that exercise and competitive sport can also improve overall performance in the classroom.

Participating in sports increases mental alertness, self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety. The principles of good sportsmanship provide guidelines that can be applied in the classroom and for lifelong success. Practicing competitive sports teaches children to embrace challenges – win or lose.

Activities available on Rosemary Hill Farm at an extra cost: horse riding lessons at Rosemary Hill Stables, MMA (mixed martial arts).

Competing extra-curricular activities in 2023: cycling (mountain biking), soccer and netball.

Non-competing extra-murals: basketball, cricket, chess, first aid.

The High School also provides a scheduled transport service to TuksSport, giving our learners access to more than 30 sports clubs, facilities and coaching.

Community Involvement
Participating in community volunteering projects has shown to offer a number of benefits to young people before, during, and after their high school years. Community service projects and getting involved in different communities, helps learners develop real-world skills like collaboration with others, problem-solving, leadership, communication and time management.

Most importantly, children learn that the work they do can have a meaningful impact in the world.

The High School’s boarding facilities boast modern, inviting interiors catering to every finnicky teenager’s whim. Our farmhouse-like buildings sit homely amongst sprawling trees, blue skies and rolling green lawns on Rosemary Hill Farm, only a short walk across the farm from the school.

Our boarding school offers the following:

• weekly and full boarding options.

• caring, responsible and long-serving hostel parents.

• balanced and nutritious meals prepared by Rosemary Hill’s kitchen.

• access to all extra-mural activities on offer at school.

• a beautiful, safe environment.

Our dedicated hostel parents provide children with a home away from home, in close collaboration with our teachers. Here on the farm just outside the east of Pretoria, our boarders enjoy hearty meals, soak up nature, fresh air and loads of social interaction. Study time is scheduled (as is phone time!) and supervised during the week and help with homework on hand when needed.

There is a strong emphasis on a reassuring routine, outdoor time and supervised use of television and electronic equipment. We offer the children the opportunity to participate in any of The High School’s extra-mural activities.

The hostel parents keep in touch with the parents on a regular basis. Social events are organised for parents and hostel parents to get to know each other and for parents to get a feel for their child’s boarding school experience.

Weekly boarders are signed out on a Friday afternoon once all school commitments have been met. They can be signed in again on Sunday afternoons before 19:00, or on a Monday morning before 07:30. All boarders are required to leave the boarding house over the mid-term breaks, certain closed weekends and the school holidays.

Balanced and nutritious meals are served in the thatched roof dining room. Meals are served ‘buffet style’ and children may dish up for themselves. Special dietary requirements are catered for, such as wheat-free diets, Halal food, vegetarian/vegan meals, etc.
Over weekends the full boarders are able to let their hair down a bit and can be taken on outings to go ice skating, the movies, shopping, mountain biking or picnicking on the farm.
Foreign Students
We welcome foreign students who speak English. They are required to obtain a student study visa from the Department of Home Affairs and must have a letter from the school confirming that they will be students at The High School.

To arrange a visit and view our boarding facilities, please mail call us on 012 802 1175 or contact us on the button below.
Girls house
Boys house


Daily transport to and from school can help save parents a lot of time.

We highly recommend making use of our convenient, safe, punctual, reliable and very friendly bus service! The High School will initially be making use of the transport service provided by The Waldorf School. The buses leave from Rosemary Hill Farm (east of Pretoria) at sunrise every morning to collect the children on their respective routes. Safety is paramount and each child is seated on a designated seat and given a bus tag to wear during their journey to and from school. These tags contain all the important information in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Every bus also has a bus captain: a responsible older child who makes sure that everyone is seated in their correct seats, wearing their tags and that nothing distracts the driver during the trip.

This service makes our school highly accessible to learners in the east of Pretoria and surrounding areas.

Our buses are serviced regularly and all our drivers have been employed by the school for quite a number of years and are in possession of valid PRDP-licences. Children making use of our bus service must abide by the rules as set out in our Bus Policy. To view click HERE.

We also offer a late bus service from Monday to Thursday afternoons to accommodate learners participating in after-school activities. This bus leaves school at 16:45 and runs a limited route.

Our bus routes currently cover the following areas:

• Centurion

• Elarduspark

• Equestria

• Faerie Glen

• Garsfontein

• Hatfield

• Lynnwood

• Lynnwood Ridge

• Meyerspark

• Moreletapark

• Silverton

• Six Fountains

• Wapadrand

• Willows

We are willing to consider introducing new routes or additional stops upon demand, subject to feasibility.

If you are interested in making use of The High School’s convenient, safe and reliable transport service, please contact us.

2024 Term Dates


Term 1: Tuesday, 16 January 2024 – Wednesday, 20 March 2024

Term 2: Tuesday, 9 April 2024 – Friday, 21 June 2024

Term 3: Tuesday, 16 July 2024 – Friday, 20 September 2024

Term 4: Tuesday, 8 October 2024 – Friday, 6 December 2024



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